See what families are saying about our care.

We cannot thank you enough for the personal, intelligent, competent, loving and awe-inspiring care you provided for our family during this amazing time. You both leave me speechless and inspired! Thank-you for what you do, how you do it and for bringing meaning, connectedness and compassionate energy into the medical realm.
— -Peter, Alissa, & Lucy
A great group of midwives. So kind, calm, and knowledgeable. I was lucky enough to have a healthy home birth with them and the post natal care was incredible. I would be so lost without them. After labouring overnight and giving birth in the early morning, they even made my husband and I some breakfast while we held our babe for the first time. It’s the little things that make them special. We will be returning when we have our second child for sure!
— Felicia
We want to thank-you so much for all your wisdom & encouragement through this beautiful journey we’ve been through...that’s just the beginning! We wanted to let you know, you two as a team very much compliment each other as you both have strengths in different areas and this was so helpful for us. Midwifery care in general is something we are so grateful for. It provided us with the kind of experience we hoped for, filled with compassion, knowledge and warmth. This has been such an incredible experience for us and we now have this beautiful child, with him came a love so profound we couldn’t have imagined it. So thanks again for all you do.
— Brandee, Tim & Roatan
I simply believe the midwives at Strathcona Midwifery Collective are the best. They have been with me and my husband through two pregnancies, one extremely difficult and the other blissfully perfect. In both situations I could not have asked for more compassionate, passionate, knowledgable, confident and supportive care. My personal opinion was backed up whenever I talked to someone in the baby biz (other midwives, doulas and maternity nurses) - I was often told I had the best midwives in the city. They are incredibly skilled and professional, and are genuinely kind people who share your joy. And while they have their own families and lives outside of work, they have the ability to make you feel as though you are their only priority when they are with you, whether it’s your first prenatal visit or end-stage labour. They are gifted, wonderful people and I feel privileged to have been cared for by them. If I lived 50 miles away I would travel for every visit to be in their care.
— Hilary Cole
If you are looking for a team that will provide you with excellent mental, physical and emotional care during your pregnancy, this is the midwifery clinic. We were incredibly blessed to have been under Cora & Stephanie’s care during our pregnancy. We found our appointments to be always on time, never rushed, and very informative. After a frustrating couple of appointments with doctor’s office, we decided to explore the midwifery option. During one of our first appointments, Cora spent almost 15 minutes looking for our lil one’s heartbeat. You can only imagine how relieved I was when I heard the heartbeat. They always provided us with all the options available during our pregnancy and allowed us to make the decision. We were under Cora’s care at BC Women’s Hospital during labor & delivery and throughout the entire duration, she remained calm and composed, and provided us with positive affirmations to get our baby out safely. Even after we were discharged from the hospital, Cora and Stephanie were always available for any questions we had. Cora was the one who followed up with the home appointments. Looking back at the entire pregnancy, I have no doubt that we had the best medical support one could ever wish for and all credit goes to the Strathcona Midwifery.
— Shilpa