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St Paul's Hospital Having Your Baby at St Paul's Hospital 

(Caution: Some of these resources are written more with physician and obstetrician clients in mind. Midwives tend to communicate and care for their clients more directly. For example, if you have a concern that you think might warrant a visit to the hospital always page us first. We often come to your home to assess you in labour and if you page and we do think a visit to the hospital is warranted we will meet  you there and save you some waiting time)

Home Birth

HOME BIRTH SUPPLIES.  If you are having a home birth and in our care at the Collective, we will provide you with most of the items on the ‘essentials’ part of this list. Talk to your midwife.

Homebirth Reference Site - UK Although based in the UK this website contains some information that is also useful to those planning homebirth in Canada. 

Created by Ontario Midwives, "Choosing Home Birth"

TEDx Talk, "Home or Hospital? Holding the Space for Human Birth" by Saraswathi Vedam