Prenatal Decision Making

Erythromycin Eye Ointment

Department of Midwifery, BC Women's Hospital/St Paul's Hospital. Guideline: Eye Prophylaxis Guideline

Vitamin K

Department of Midwifery, BC Women's Hospital/St Paul's Hospital. Guideline: Vitamin K Prophylaxis

Canadian Pediatric Society. Position Statement: Routine administration of vitamin K to newborns

Newborn Metabolic Screening

Newborn Screening: Parent Handout


Canadian Pediatrics Society, Caring for Kids. Circumcision: Information for parents

Globe & Mail. April 22nd, 2014. Circumcision: Do risks outweigh benefits?

Huffington Post. May 15, 2014 Why I didn't choose circumcision. 


Newborn Resources

Healthiest Babies Possible and the Youth Pregnancy and Parenting Program Nutrition counselling, health education, food access and social support to pregnant people facing challenging life circumstances. The Youth Pregnancy and Parenting Program (YPPP) is a free program for pregnant women age 24 and under living in Vancouver or Richmond, offering nutrition counselling, prenatal classes, pre/post natal care

Car seat safety from Transport Canada The latest recommendations and information for parents.

Home Safety Checklist BC Children's Hospital

Child Car Seats: Birth to One Year BCAA

Caring for Kids Canadian Pediatric Society

Healthiest Babies Vancouver pamphlet  Nutritional and social support for low-income and marginalized mums.

Burnaby Family Life  An organization offering programs and services to individuals and families in Burnaby; multiple languages spoken, many different programs.