Fayza Bundalli, MSW, RSW - Somatic Counselling, Vancouver, BC, at Strathcona Midwifery on Fridays and Saturdays

"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.  On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."
~Arundhati Roy

It takes all of us, each with our various crafts and ways of loving, to call a new world into being.  My skills are in the healing arts; I work with those of us who are impacted by trauma and oppression, and those of us who dream of new possibilities, for the sake of our healing, aliveness, and power.

Somatics Counselling is a healing practice that engages your whole system - your body, mind, emotions, commitments, and actions.  In addition to talking things through, you'll engage in somatic practices, where you'll sit or get on your feet and track body sensations.  You'll learn what your system does when you're scared or triggered.  You'll also work with those triggers - learn to feel them and still act in ways that align with your values.  With time, you'll heal some of the impacts that trauma and oppression have on your precious and necessary life.

Through somatic counselling, you’ll learn to love well, building mutually nourishing partnerships and friendships with clear boundaries.   You’ll also learn to fight well, staying connected to those you love during times of conflict.  You’ll gather resilience and courage for facing into oppression, in your workplaces, your educational institutions, your homes.  And finally, you’ll heal, rebuilding your relationship to joy, intimacy, pleasure, and purpose.

Somatic Bodywork supports you to let go of old stories your body is carrying around.  When you are hurt or scared, for example, during experiences of trauma, oppression, abuse or stress, your body contracts for self-protection and you may dissociate or “numb out”.  Your muscles hold these contractions until your system feels safe enough to release, which can take years, even decades.  Somatic Bodywork uses breath, attention, and touch to support your body to release long-held contractions.

Somatic Bodywork is particularly useful for helping you to get "unstuck" in those areas that have been hard to heal; this can include intergenerational trauma, and the impacts of violence and sexual trauma.

My practice is in the lineage of Generative Somatics, leaders in politicized healing, with whom I have been studying since 2012.  I volunteer with the Catherine White Holman All Genders Wellness Center.  I love riding my bicycle, reading a good book, swimming in the ocean, writing poetry, and soaking up the sun.

Contact me to inquire about Somatic Therapy (Counselling and/or Bodywork), or to book your free 20 minute initial consultation.
email: contact (at) fayzabundalli.com

Photos by K. Ho.